• "In bikes we trust" by Dale Bigeni

"In bikes we trust" by Dale Bigeni



Dale is Sydney-based illustrator with a formidable career so far. Bigeni’s work represents an engaging intersection of the traditional and the contemporary, as he calls on his skills as a graphic artist to echo and elaborate on traditional tattoo culture. 


The inspiration Bigeni draws from tattooing does not stop at the medium’s traditional subject matter, although his work does regularly feature the roses, skulls and wide-eyed damsels that comprise the hallmarks of tattoo culture. He is also driven by the concept of ‘forever’, designing works intended to leave lasting impressions and create a permanent and resounding bond between himself as an artist, the works he produces, and the audience they are intended for.


Dale says of this piece “We all believe in something to keep us going, this piece is for all those who find happiness and joy in bikes and the bike culture. Keep riding, live long”. IN BIKES WE TRUST.

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