• "Simulacra" by Apeseven

"Simulacra" by Apeseven



Title: Simulacra

Limited edition of 20. Hand printed on A2 - 340GSM Knight Vellum paper. *The digital watermark on the image does not appear on final artwork.

Artist: Apeseven

Simulacra, is a 3 layer hand pulled screen print. Inspired by the overlaying transparent mechanisms of our minds creating new simulcra and harmony.

George Hambov aka Apeseven grew up in the 1980's Sydney skateboard scene . Spending most of his time exploring industrial areas of Sydney, Apeseven predominantly approaches work with a street art perspective with an underpinning of recontextualization, this recontextualisation coming from years of skateboarding transforming his physical interactions into a new visual alchemy. Freehand aerosol and traditional brush techniques are evident with works primarily incorporating mixed media (acrylics, aerosol, inks, found paper and objects.) Apeseven's current works focus on complex bio-feedback driven loops involving a tapestry of pattern, animals and skeletal structures.

Instagram: @apeseven

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