• SOLD OUT - "Roppongi goes for a ride" by Glenn "Glenno" Smith

SOLD OUT - "Roppongi goes for a ride" by Glenn "Glenno" Smith

Sold Out

Title: "Roppongi goes for a ride" SOLD OUT. Thanks for looking. 

Limited edition of 20. Hand printed on A2 - 340GSM Knight Vellum paper. *The digital watermark on the image does not appear on final artwork.

Artist: Glenn "Glenno" Smith

Glenn "Glenno" Smith is an art mercenary, living in Sydney with his beautiful wife Gina and cats, Pachinko, Pancetta and Roppongi. He spends most of his illustration time making metal bands seem like powerful wizards, punk bands seem like earnest street-fighters while he himself is a humble conduit of pure creative energy lighting the mediocratic corners of the world with hope…

Glenno takes his art (and illustration especially) very seriously. He has self-published, lino and screen-printed, curated many, many group and personal exhibitions, writes about underground music, plays guitar, sings and writes for Chinese Burns Unit and loves any creative challenge put to him. As custom/ commercial concerns slowly whittle away his soul, he re-fills his spiritual reservoir with art from his imagination aimed at exhibitions, as well as taking on sentimental portraiture and petraiture commissions. These days he has no complaints worth taking notice of.His overachievements can be seen at Instagram.

Instagram: @glennoart



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